Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Made It & You Can, Too - Shanty2Chic Wood Pedestal Photo Holder

I saw this on Shanty2Chic the other day and I nearly died from excitement.   We have a little section of bar space in our kitchen that is void currently because, well, it's just awkward.  It opens to the living room and the kitchen so I hate putting frames there because at least one of the rooms is going to have a nice view of nothing but easel-backs.  You guys know me - I'm a photographer for crying out loud - I love me some photo display options!  This one takes the cake - I made mine double-sided!  No more easel-back viewing while I do (ok, while the kid does) dishes!

Here's the first one I made...  please disregard it's crookedness.  I'll explain that in a minute.

I am NOT a fan of spray paint.  No matter how perfect the conditions, it just never works for me and stupidly, I thought "oh spray paint, I'll fix you this time" and went right on ahead and tried to spray this sucker.  Yea that didn't go over so well.  If I had been smart, I would've started out doing exactly what I ended up having to do anyway...  I would have pre-painted/distressed my pieces and THEN glued them together.  Because, the reality is, after I got impatient and spray painted all this (in 20-degree weather with the glue still not dry, yes it was my fault) it all fell apart and that's what I wound up doing anyway.  That's why it's crooked.  Because by the time I got to the end?  I just didn't care anymore.  :)

Want to make these yourself? I know you do.  Click here for the tutorial!


  1. Oh I LOVE them!!! Great pics too!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't even notice it was crooked, I still don't see it! Great job...I love the paint! What size did make them. I saw the tutorial from Shanty2Chic but she only listed them cut to 11". Great job, they turned out beautiful!