Sunday, December 12, 2010

December's Craft-Happenings

It's so ridiculously cold today.  I mean seriously.  It's way to cold for humans.

Last week was our first ever Reclaimers meeting and I have to say, I consider it a success.  I mean, I may be partial, but I had a blast and actually learned something new (which is the real goal here, right?).

For those of you who couldn't join us, no worries, I took photos!  Imagine that.  :)

This month's project was fancy-dancy Christmas bows.  Our very own Katie Tillman (one of the Katies of 2Katie Designs) was our teacher this month.  She's smart.  And really good with deco mesh.  Me?  Not so much.  She also does a really mean impersonation of a wrestler...

Here's a few more snaps from last week...

That's me, doing my best Gaga impersonation.

Sarah's impersonation of Gaga is much happier, I think.

Lori Anne, Alauna, and Sara

Heather & Terrah

Jessica H. & Melissa A.

My mom & I... I heart this.

Leslie hiding behind her bag.

Me & the 2 Katies!

Some of you little stinkers managed to escape my camera last week.  Never fear.  I will photo you next month... you can't get away that easily.  :)

Details for next month's meeting have already been posted to the FB group/events.  I'll be posting them here, too, as soon as I can figure out a widget-thingie for a calendar.  I'm better with a hot glue gun, I think...

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