Thursday, December 23, 2010

January Meeting Info...

For anyone planning on attending January's meeting, please head over to the Facebook group and see the latest post regarding the project kits!

There are 30 available for each project (photo charms and photo magnets) and each are $5 a piece. Before purchasing multiple kits, let's let everyone have a chance to get at least one of each (if they want it). I'll be posting a "last call" on FB next week before offering multiples!

EDITED TO ADD: Photos of the projects we'll be making next month!

Project #1 - Glass Photo Necklace Charm (with sterling-plated bail)

Project #2 - Glass Photo Magnet Set w/Tin (yes, I'm aware these aren't photos... I'll have TONS of cute patterns for us to use, in case you don't want to do a photo set)

Craft on, people.

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